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Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Food & Beverages, Veterinary, Food Supplement, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Raw Chemicals.

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Heera Laxmi Pharma Agencies

Headed by Mr. Parvinder Singh Kapoor, Heera Laxmi Pharma Agencies is working as the most reputed and promising importer, distributor and supplier of Food & Beverages, Veterinary, Food Supplement, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Raw Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Raw Material, from the past 14 years. Founded in the year 2004, we provide quality raw material at competitive price range and ensure on time delivery of the orders. We source and sell products of prestigious Indian and foreign manufacturing companies like Narmada Gelatine, Titan Biotech Ltd., Alamelumagna Drugs, Nebula Healthcare, Par Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Parnacell Chemical, Viswaat Chemical, Varahi, Emmar Chem, Shree Krishna Vetchem, Sabari Chemicals, Posy Pharmachem, Patel Mechem, Shreenath Chemicals, Nutrasweet, Ajinomoto, Super Gum, Hazhou Zhanwang, Saputo, Deosan, Kerry Ingredients, JRS Pharma, Fufeng and several other hand-picked firms to ensure excellent properties of the sourced chemicals. Working as a proficient unit, we are taking several safety measures for our employees as well as customers. As customer satisfaction is our main motto, all our business policies are revolve around the same.

Our Vision

  • Enhancing people Lives as Leading Provider of Cosmetic Chemicals. 
  • Driven by passion, innovation, and value based management, we work with the vision to improve the social well-being by creating stronger alliances and partnerships. Our perspective, experience, and knowledge can vouch for our significant work done in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our Mission

  • Fulfill the promises made to clients, while adhering to ethical and moral standards.
  • We work with a goal of making meaningful and sustainable developments in the lives of people. We are dedicated to support the discoveries made in the chemicals used in the pharmaceutical segments, by working as a robust channel to break new grounds and create standard platforms where goodness, health, and prosperity reaches to every member of the community. 

Our Objectives

  • To work with values and maintain efficiency, discipline, and consistency in deliveries
  • We always work with the objective to implement new ideas, identify the unmet requirements of our customers and think, plan, and deliver ahead of the times. 

Our Product Promise 

We believe that there is always a potential of technological improvements in the products. And so to our end consumers, we have made this promise of providing technically advanced, recently updated range of Industrial Chemicals for Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverages Industries. 


At Heera Laxmi Pharma Agencies, we work with the goal to improve the quality of life for people at an affordable cost. For the same, we participate in dedicated research and make considerable efforts to promote good health with better access to health, education, livelihood, and water. 

Quality and Control

Standards of quality, efficacy, and safety are always given utmost priority at our unit, covering all the business processes from procurement, testing, and distribution. Our business processes are driven by advanced technology and processes, adhering to market norms and regulatory approvals. At our business unit, robust quality management system is followed to create a sustainable business excellence processes and exceed the expectations of peoples and businesses involved, putting client first motto. Key traits of our Quality & Control Processes are:

  • Our global Quality Control Team ensures that products distributed comply with industry accepted best practices and standards of market. 
  • Follow well-defined procedures to make sure that our operating procedures meet the standards of regulators. 
  • Well-trained team with the knowledge of latest updates and guidelines prevailing in the market. 
  • Unwavering commitment of highest level to keep the business evolved as per the changing dynamics. 

How Chemical Industry Works?

The chemical industry is basically categorized into three parts: Base Chemicals, Cosmetic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Consumer Chemicals. On one hand, where base chemicals are produced in a large quantity, Specialty chemicals are produced at modest rates such as in kilogram, but of are really high value. Lastly, consumer chemicals can be sold directly to the consumers with simple modifications such as detergents, soaps, and so forth. When it comes to the general working of the chemical industry, basic R&D holds utmost importance. Here, firstly, a new product must be discovered which enhances the quality of life, and then adapt to the changing requirement of the clients. Further, select the location to access raw material at lower rates, and improve the existing process, while also comprehending with the methods that do not affect the environment. And lastly, engage in bulk supplies. We as a company, always ensure that our Chemical Powder and Industrial are of good quality, stable, and match the industry norms. 

What Makes Us a Trusted and Quality-focused Company?

There are various factors that influence the quality aspects of the company. We, as a trusted importer and trader, keep our focus impact on those aspects and strive to deliver world-class chemical power and industrial chemicals to our clients. To maintain the quality standards, there are several factors that play a critical role in improving and stabilizing the quality aspects, elaborated below: 
  • Access to top providers of chemicals: We have made strong alliances with the top-notch manufacturers of the market that helps us to procure a highly effective range of products 
  • Strong communication: Under our market network, we are well connected and communicated to deliver high-value solutions to our clients
  • Closeness to the customers for products: We are strategically located in New Delhi, India, owing to which are able to understand the real-time market conditions and provide high-end products
  • Availability of skilled labors: From procurement to storage, every aspect of the business is well-managed, as skilled labour is available to us  

Our Role in the Research to Delivery

Aforesaid mentioned that research is the first step followed in the chemical industry. As a trader, we keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings in the research and development segment of the chemical industry that enables us to deliver highly effective Cosmetic Chemicals and Chemical Powder to the customers. Once the new product is updated, we align the customer requirement and market demands and accordingly procure our range of industrial chemicals and chemical powder. Further, we procure the products, assuring proper storage, maintaining right room temperature and pH value. 

Our Professional Approach

By maintaining high level of professionalism, we put in efforts to serve the customers in the way they want to be served. We carry out this approach because we truly understand that each customer has different set of organizational culture, business goals, and product based requirement. By identifying the requirement of each customers and serving them accordingly, we have been able to develop a huge client base.  

Committed and Expertise in Quality Raw Materials